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Supplier of quality apparel and accessories

SanMar is a trusted provider of activewear and accessories that unite people and build up teams, groups and communities. This award-winning supplier of 21 retail, mill and private label brands (and counting) serves more than 84% of the U.S. with next-day delivery and more than 99.7% with two day delivery from their more than 4 million square feet of inventory-housing facilities.

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Benefits with DecoNetwork

Complete Catalog Integration
DecoNetwork features the SanMar product catalog throughout the system, making it possible for your customers to create decorated SanMar products live on your website in our online designer as well as making quoting, ordering, and purchasing simple with complete information and pricing in our Business Hub quote, order and production management software. Everything from internal mock-ups to fully online personalization is easy with our consistently updated SanMar catalog information and images.

Live API Integration
DecoNetwork integrates with SanMar’s API to allow error and hassle-free purchasing of your blank goods direct from Business Hub. Simply log in to your account through DecoNetwork and you’ll be provided with your custom pricing in our shop management software. This integration means that when you order from SanMar, you can check stock levels and see your pricing live as you add items to orders.

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